Meditation bracelets made up of mala beads are a simple way to help yogis focus on their mantra and intention. It can be easy to lose track of your mantra or to become distracted by thoughts that infiltrate your mind over a period of time. These simple and beautiful aids can improve the overall process of meditation, and they are especially helpful for beginners.

If you’ve considered the practice of meditation and think that these tools could be useful, you should know how to wear them properly. There are a couple of important ways that you can wear these meditation bracelets to enhance the overall quality of your practice. We know that meditation has the potential to be an intimidating practice, so we hope you would welcome these tips to help make it a little easier.

Pick a Gemstone That Matches Your Intention

Gemstones or natural crystals are often thought to be a great way to enhance a basic meditation practice. Many yogis believe that the crystal puts off natural vibrations that help it to attract a certain type of energy in return. They may be known for bringing in more romance, helping you to have less anxiety, or making you feel more motivated. Each crystal is said to have its own frequency, which can change the way it makes you feel.

Yogis can purchase mala beads made out mostly of these natural crystals. As you hold them in your hand and move through the meditation, it can help to enhance your mood and state of mind. Select a crystal that naturally pairs well with your mantra or intention. For example, you may want to select a rose quartz stone if you are attempting to be more loving toward the others. Gemstones can be great for healing physical ailments as well as emotional ones.

Look for Longer Mala Beads

Many yogis start their meditation practice with a very short set of mala beads. This could be a wise decision, particularly if you struggle with sitting quietly and calmly for long periods of time. It isn’t uncommon to encounter this issue when you first start a meditation practice. However, if you’ve been practicing for a while, you may want to consider wearing meditation bracelets that are longer in length.

The more beads you have on your meditation bracelet, the longer you will be able to focus on your specific meditation and mantra. Some manufacturers will make mala bead bracelets that wrap around your wrist several times. You may also choose to purchase a set of bracelets so that you can move from one bracelet to the next with your mantra.

Wearing mala beads to help further your meditation practice has been an age-old tradition for seasoned yogis. However, mala beads are also coming back into fashion around this time. You may want to really consider how meditation bracelets could benefit your overall practice. Keep some of these unique tips in mind when you go shopping for the perfect addition to your next meditation practice.

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