This is a trite saying: You should try breathing deeply to de-stress yourself. Well, it is not a myth but a reality. The fast-paced lives that we lead today are surrounded by major stress givers, and we need to seal our brains against it so that we can survive and function appropriately.

( Get outside in your comfy yoga leggings and take a deep breath. ) 

Breathing is a process that is managed involuntarily, but yoga helps us to learn to control and manage it. This might be a surprise for us to know that we can develop our brain muscles through breathing and improve our cognitive functions.

We normally breathe from the top of our lungs; through meditation and yoga we can learn to breathe through the depth of our lungs, allowing our lungs to expand ensuring healthier and stronger lungs. 

The brain power is not only about how we can memorize things, in fact, but it is also much more. Powerful minds can fathom the knowledge shared with them and make useful extractions. Similarly, a powerful brain is never sidelined by apparently stressful situations; instead, it can understand the issues beyond what is seen and make wise decisions.

MRI reports have shown that there is a huge difference between the activities of the brain during exhaling and inhaling. When we inhale, the mind is activated, and the neurons in the brain are positively charged. When we exhale, the neurons decrease in size. Deep breaths welcome a fresh and abundant supply of oxygen into our bloodstream which then enters our brains and boost the areas that are responsible for memory and spatial skills.

Breathing allows our brains to have a gust of fresh oxygen which helps the brain declutter. When we are tense, our bodies contract themselves, we breathe shallow breaths, and this results in constricted oxygen supply to our brain. The brain becomes fuzzy and lacks the ability to think clearly. It is at this point and time that if we start breathing deep breaths, we will supply more oxygen to our brains and settle our emotions getting rid of anger and fear that might have interrupted the thought process.

The right nostril breathing activates the left area of the brain that powers up the energy levels and increases the brain’s capabilities. The left nostril breathing activates the right side of the brain, which is responsible for the feeling part. When we alternate our breathing through the nostrils, we can merge the “feeling” and the “thinking” part of the brain. This helps us behave in the most suitable way and ideal way.

Perfecting the breathing technique to help improve the brain function is not a difficult task and is highly achievable. As the breathing practice helps in calming the mind, and balancing the emotional state of the body, the body is steeled enough to have better cognitive functions.

A decluttered brain is a gateway to improved memory, spatial dexterity, and better memory functions and to achieve it you only need to concentrate on your breathing.

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