It is common for some women to feel uncomfortable during the monthly cycle. In fact, a lot of women experience headaches, irritability, cramps, and even irregular nausea. During this period of the month, it can be appealing to crawl under a blanket, reach for pain killers, and turn down moving until after the cycle. But, the good news I have for you is that yoga provides a few ways to remain sound and feel relaxed when you are on your menstruation cycle. 

Never look at your monthly period as a form of ailment or disability. However, view it as a time to cool down the tempo a little, get some additional rest, and contact your inner world.

Here are some of the yogic tips and tricks that will make you stay safe all through your monthly cycle.

  • Meditation 

Meditation will provide relief from the mood swings resulting from the complications you normally experience during your monthly cycle. Take some minutes a day to meditate about what is actually happening in your emotions and body as a whole. Quite a lot of meditative techniques are available for you to choose from. For example, you can decide to concentrate on the breath and return it by the time your mind strolls to help reign in negative thinking. 

You can balance your emotions by reciting a soothing mantra. On the other hand, you could attempt visualizations, probably looking at your internal organs covered in healing light to lessen the physical pain. Letting your menstrual cycle be a period of introspection is an avenue to create peace with your menstruation on the days when it is predominantly severe or uncomfortable.

  • Concentrate More On Relaxation And Rest

Nothing can be compared with soaking in a warm bathtub to alleviate cramps. Warm water will help you calm down your muscles and relieve the tension in your body. In addition, you can include essential oils or a little aromatherapy bath salts to increase the relaxation response. Furthermore, ensure you have enough rest in your menstrual cycle. Retire to bed early to make sure you have enough sleep at night. It will improve your mood and make you more active during the day. You can attempt some reflexology or even tell your spouse to rub your back. Just make sure you take adequate care of yourself during your period in order for you to feel at your best!

  • Take Proper Diet

Occasionally, craving can hit at some stage in menstruation. At this time, resisting for salty snacks can be difficult, but taking proper diet during your menstruation will help you feel great. Excessive salt can make a number of people keep hold of the water, improving the bloated feeling that menstrual cycles sometimes bring. 

Likewise, too much sugar will over arouse your endocrine system while beverages and caffeine in chocolate can tax the nervous system. The best thing you can do is to plan in advance if you have a normal menstrual cycle. 


If you always panic when you are expecting your menstrual cycle, the end has come to it if you can discipline yourself a while and leave a healthy lifestyle. Focus more on rest and relaxation, take proper diet and meditate.

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